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RREPM Contact Information

Reynolds REPM Office: 360-412-6731 ext

Property Manager: 360-451-1870 


Work Orders

Uh-oh!  In spite of our best efforts, sometimes things go wrong.  

If you need something repaired, please submit a work order through your portal.   

Need Internet ?

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Residential Landlord-Tenant Act & Fair Housing Laws

Inclement Weather

Tips to prevent pipes from freezing:

Extreme cold weather can cause havoc with those who are not prepared.

  • Please make sure all outside hose bibs are covered.  If an insulated cover is not available, please wrap a towel around the bib to prevent from freezing.
  • Turn up your thermostat early to get a head start before below zero temps arrive.
  • Disconnect and drain garden hoses.
  • Cover outside faucets with insulating foam covers.
  • Turn off any sprinkler systems
  • If the temperature drops below 20 degrees, keep 1 or 2 faucets running slowly at all times.  Water running through the system will prevent the line from freezing.
  • Keep the cabinet under the kitchen sink open so warm air can flow around the pipes.

If you notice something wrong i.e. low pressure, high water bill, water on the floor or you hear water running when or where it shouldn't be, please contact the Property Manager ASAP and put in a work order through the portal. 

Space heaters and other tips for staying warm:

Space Heaters: Use extreme caution when using space heaters.  A spike in home fires happen every year from improper use of space heaters during cold weather. NEVER use an extension cord or power strip with a space heater.  Power strips and extension cords are not equipped to handle the extra current flow needed to power a space heater and can overheat and even catch fire.   ALWAYS plug them directly into a wall outlet.

Unplug electric space heaters when you are sleeping  and when you are not at home.

To prevent cold air drafts from coming inside, place a rolled up bath towel snugly against the bottom of each door.